The Newcoop Soc. Coop. and the European Terminal Services have enthusiastically participated in the creation of the Van Gogh Multimedia Experience Exhibition, aiming to make the union between art, in all its expressions, and corporate culture indissoluble. The choice to join the promoters of the exhibition was born from the desire to contribute to making art and culture the yardstick by which to measure the capacity of a territory to attract ideas and resources. Doing business is betting on a territory, on its potential declined in every area, on its ability to create new syntheses between beauty and investments. We therefore join in thanks to all those who have made it possible to create an artistic experience which, we hope, can represent the first of a long series of collaborations that the Newcoop group intends to nurture and develop. The exhibition will be available from 25 November 2017 to 29 April 2018 in the Monumental complex William II of Monreale (PA).